Spanking Mags?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Whatever happened to those spanking magazines? You know ... Stand Corrected, um ... gosh, I'm forgetting their names. I remember once in awhile getting ahold of one, and I'd treasure it for YEARS.

Did they fall by the wayside with the internet? I'm just curious ...



Hi Nattie,

They're still about. Well, Janus and Februs are - I don't know about any others.

As for the future and competing with the internet, I think that brand recognition counts for something - you know what you're getting when you buy a magasine. The internet has good stuff, but the is much rubbish out there too.



By Blogger Erik, at  

My favorite was always "Spank Hard!" I try to collect old issues when I see them at spanking party vendor fairs. Those were good times. I agree that online content doesn't hold the same kind of quality, but it allows a new and greater venue for those of spanko interest to express themselves. Yes, the old magazines were good, but you couldn't just put out personal ideas, like Nattie's blog and my own spanking blog. If you weren't a big name, then no one knew you.

By Blogger Thomas_III, at  

Ah goodness, sadly, obviously with the rise of cyberspace, alas, the golden era of spanking magazines is long gone.

And I threw away (gasp!) some vintage copies of "Spank Hard" and "Stand Corrected" several years back in a spring cleaning spree. *sigh*

Was just thinking the other day, how cool would it be to receive an actual magazine made out of actual paper, focused on this delicious topic :-)


By Blogger Dave, at  

p.s. I forgot that Scarlett Hill I believe still publishes old-fashioned magazines, amazingly :))


By Blogger Dave, at  

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